Character GPS Workshops

You do all you can to help your students succeed.  But you know that in the end, it’s up to them.  Character GPS sets up the ideal conditions for students to change from the inside out and determine their own approach to life.  We work on touching their hearts and equipping them with the skills needed for real success in real life.

Our most effective strategy is an eight week long Adventure Workshop that engages students, connects them with mentors and involves their parents.  This workshop is built on a foundation of research based educational principles.  It’s designed to make a personal impact through observed instruction; hands on, interactive lessons and group activities.

The curriculum for Adventure Workshops is built around eight learning objectives with defined outcomes.  This framework comes from seven defined steps in character building, such as, “Discovering Your Responsibility for Your Life.”  Each of the seven character building steps directly addresses two or more of the 10 problem areas identified by educators as hampering student learning.

In the ideal setting, mentors interact with children and make an important personal connection.  When possible, parents are encouraged to help at home by facilitating and reinforcing the change that’s taking place.

In sum, a Character GPS workshop is constructed for maximum productive impact.  The goal is to change hearts and lives while giving students the basic life skills they need to achieve success at school, in the home and in the community.