How We Engage to Achieve Impact and Commitment

Obviously, we must engage young people in the activities presented in Character GPS workshops.  We do so initially by establishing rapport and presenting interesting and fun movie clips, video shorts, music and demonstrations that are very relevant to character education.   At the same time, we’re provoking thought and stirring emotions.

We raise questions that challenge and promote further thought about important issues.  We change-up teaching methods by turning to group activities, some of which involve social interaction, collaboration or physical activities.

Students are occasionally asked to take a quiz to measure their own progress and give feedback.  Large group activities are used for students’ observation of demonstrations and to build group cohesiveness.  When possible, mentors are used to help establish one-on-one relationships.  Parents may also be asked to influence the process with guided home activities.

The chart below shows how some of the activities are used to increase impact and commitment.  The activities vary along the dimension of how personal or impersonal they are and whether they are observational or hands-on.

Design Criteria For Educational Activites