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Character GPS

We have had 3 successful 1 week Summer Camps this Summer so far!  We have one more coming up at Berkeley Preparatory School which is still open for enrollment for Berkeley AND non-Berkeley students!  

Jeff and I are so excited and passionate about our Summer Camps!  We have found this format to be a really deep dive into character building and by spending 7 hours a day for five consecutive days we have been able to reach kids' hearts in a more meaningful way.  This program is helping today's youth change their lives, for the better!  

Some of the results we are seeing are as follows:

  • One youth gave a speech stating how she was very close to suicide before coming to camp...and now she has direction in her life, knows that she is priceless, is appreciating her family much more and is getting along better with her brother, even posting an" I Love You"note on  his door!!!
  • Some of the youth, after spending a whole week with us, came back for another whole week to mentor the newer, younger youth!!! We have youth asking if they can become mentors!!!!!
  • Youth attending our Summer Camps are making new friendships !
  • Youth who mentor for us receive Community Service hours!
  • Parents are thrilled and see improvements at home!
  • Youth love making their Vision Boards and enjoy showing them at graduation.  They relish going into great detail about everything on their board!
  • We are getting Thank You Notes that say things like "Best Week of Summer Ever"!

So those are some highlights!  

Character GPS is relevant in today's world because our Youth are in crisis.  When I think of all of the  school shootings, suicide rates, drug addictions etc. that our Youth are involved in, I can't help but think "We can help, we know we can help!  We are seeing results!"  

The last thing our Youth need to do this Summer is sit and play video games all day, reaching their next "goal", making online "friends", being secluded from people.  Offer  your children something better to do this Summer.   Make this Summer a turning point, a Summer of change  and maturity!  A Summer of goal setting!  A SUMMER OF INSPIRATION!

We have ONE MORE SUMMER CAMP IN 2018!  That is at BERKELEY PREPARATORY SCHOOL and it is open enrollment!  Call Jeff now at 813-966-9977 if you are interested.

There is still runs from July 16th-July 20th and there is still room for more registrations!  Scholarships are available !  Ask Jeff!

This Camp will have a new element added to it.  For the very first time, we are adding a public speaking element to our camp!  

We fully anticipate that we will be running Summer Camps in 2019 and if you are planning ahead and would like to be on a waiting list, please call us!

We are planting seeds of greatness in Youth!  Won't you join with us in this wonderful endeavor!  Give your children the gift of Character GPS Summer Camp!


Debbie Cain



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