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Jeffrey "Cain Do" Cain

Jeffrey Cain teachingJeffrey hails from a large family and grew up in Indiana.  Whenever he coaches one of our Character GPS® classes, he tells the kids that in his family they always said that the Cains “Cain Do” it, so Jeffrey really has the energy and passion to teach the kids how to do what they set their minds to. He says, "It sounds “corny,” but it is memorable and it sticks in their minds so it really works as a teaching tool."

In this second Adventure, we talk about handling problems before they get too big. We show the kids how procrastination will keep them from living their dreams and we encourage them to look at the fastest way to get from today to their future dreams – a straight line! By staying focused and avoiding distractions, we can get where we are going without losing our way.

Lifelong learning is emphasized. When Jeffrey was studying Computer Engineering a LONG time ago at Cornell University, he realized that he liked working with people a lot more than with machines. This prompted him to take a vocational assessment which suggested he was well suited to be a teacher. Jeffrey finished that semester and transferred to Indiana where he got his Master’s degree in Education. Our GPS students take a similar assessment in Adventure 3: TD=Talents Discovered. This helps them find their giftedness and plan for how they can make their future dreams come true.

After teaching high school, coaching Little League, teaching college and mentoring fortune 500 leaders, Jeffrey decided to follow his passion for making our world a better place and moved to Tampa, Florida. He was the VP of Human Resources for Raymond James and began developing his personal “tool kit” to help his friends, colleagues and acquaintances become the best they could be.

Finally, his life-long passion for helping children was re-ignited when he and Matthew Hoffman began working on Character GPS® in 2011. We have piloted two programs in Tampa, at the Boys and Girls Club of Sulphur Springs and the Metropolitan Ministries Partnership School. Thirty children successfully applied the “Can Do” to achieve Character GPS graduation!

Currently, we are working with twenty 5th-graders at Berkeley Preparatory Academy and Jeffrey is thrilled to once again be helping these kids see that they “Cain Do” it too!

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